Ping Pong Rules
The game starts with a flip of the coin. The player that correctly calls the tossed coin chooses whether to serve or receive the ball.

For a ball to be legally served, the serving player must hit it with the paddle to have the ball bounce from their side of the table and go over the net to the opponent’s side.

If the ball hits the net but still bounces on the opponent’s side, this is known as a let serve and must be retaken by the serving player. A serve only counts when the ball goes to the opponent’s side over the net without touching it.

Each player serves twice before the serves switch to the other player.

The first player to score 11 points and lead the opponent by a margin of two or more points wins a game. If a game is tied at 10-10, the first player to get 12 points wins the game. The first player to win the best of five or best of seven is the overall winner of the match.

When a team fails to legally return a ball, their opponent receives a point. A point is received when the opponent fails to return the ball back over the net to the other player’s side or when the ball is returned to the other player’s side but falls off without touching the table first.